Where to Find The Best Pianos!
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The one place to find one of the best piano players from the centuries past are the Italians, as they major greatly with interest in music, the piano is a musical instrument that has a keyboard with systematically wiring in a well arranged box, the keyboard is pressed according to the music notes required, knowing this information, however there are top 10 pianos I would like to mention such as Bosendorfer, Fazioli, Stuart and Sons, Bechstein, Mason and Hamlin, Charles R. Walter, Kawai,Yamaha, Baldwin and Steinway & Sons.

Thus the monarchy of England also in her castle makes use of the piano, the UK, US, Italy, France and Germany are places where one can find the best yamaha pianos, however there are sites on the internet where one can effectively rate the yamaha piano dealer in the world, knowing the first man to make a piano was Italian which was bartolomeo christofori (1655-1731), originally the piano is called pianoforte and the word piano is the abbreviation for it, however I would like to conclude that the place where one could find the best yamaha upright pianos is in Italy knowing they are quite expensive.

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